Funny Jenkins Plugins

There are some funny Jenkins plugins that can spice up a little the builds . In addition, they can even increase the motivation to have good builds. high time to mention them briefly here.

The first plugin is probably the best known . It is the Chuck Norris plugin . When enabled, on every build page Build Chuck Norris appears with one of his saying and keeps things more fun.chuck_wisdom


The second plugin is the Emotional Jenkins plugin . When a build fails, Jenkins gets visibly upset. Depending on the build state, one of the Jenkins below is displayed on the build page. If the build is successful, Jenkins is satisfied . If a test fails, Jenkins looks a bit sadly . And if there is a compilation error , then Jenkins is angry.


The third plugin is the Continuous Integration Game. Points are gained for fixing broken builds, writing new unit tests, fixing static analysis violation errors etc. On the other side points are loosed for braking the build or producing new testing errors. On Jenkins home, a leaderboard with the current ranking is displayed. The plugin is intended to stimulate a kind of competition among developers, and thus lead to a good build quality.leaderboard

The last plugin that I want to mention here is the Claim plugin . If a build fails, someone can claim it. The bad build is then assigned to the the appropriate person and all are informed that someone takes care of the build. Not just funny, but even useful.



Once the plugins are installed, they have to be enabled on per-job basis. To enable the plugins for a specific job, go to the job configuration page, click Add post-build action and select the corresponding feature from the list.



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